Are you looking for a universal, neutral, UN Spanish voice ?

Look no further !

Just Spanish for Spain, you got a true Castillian !

Or rather a Latin American accent, be my guest !
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"Spanish has a great variety of accents, but you can distinguish two main ones: standard Latin American Spanish and Castilian or European Spanish. I can speak and read both. "

I’m a native Spaniard from Salamanca, so my mother-accent is truly Castilian, also called educated European Spanish. So I narrate in the official Spanish accent and intonation you can listen to in the Spanish media.

However thanks to many years travelling, working and interacting in Latin America, I can adopt a generic Latin American accent.

Experience shows that no native speaker will be able to distinguish if I’m from Mexico or from Ecuador, nobody will be able tell that in fact that I’m from Spain, because what they will hear is a standard South American educated soft accent, the one that is used in any Hispanic radio station.