You are right:
this is NOT a Home Studio, but prices are as if…
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I have a real professional sound studio at my company PrimeVoices designed for voiceovers in multiple languages. I have three studio suites to choose from, where I can record your audios and dub your videos.
My booth is sound-proofed with padded absorbing materials to get a perfect sound without resonances. Refurbishing and acoustic treatment was done by the UK company StudioPeople.

I have the great benefit of having in-house staff who are involved with projects in many other languages but always ready to record my Spanish scripts. So you have the advantage to hire a team, because a professional audio engineer records my voice. For some demanding productions I can fetch an artistic director who guides me to get the right tone.

I use this equipment to record your project:
ProTools HD 8.0, 192 with Synch
Preamps: Millennia STT-1 & Neve Portico 5032
Mics: Neumann U87 Ai, TLM 103
Speakers: DynAudio Acoustics, Avantone
Workstation: MacPro Intel Xeon 8 Core
Booth: acoustically treated, sound-proofed, padded surfaces


Recorded files will be delivered through
You can download them quickly and safely. Usually compressed .rar or .zip files.

I can deliver in any sound format: .wav, .aif, mp3, .ogg, .mov, .vox, .wma, etc Sample rates:
from 8.000 Hz (phone) to 96.000 Hz (HD cinema). Bit depth: 8, 16, 24, 32 bits

I have ISDN for a duplex connection with your studio. You can direct the recording in real-time
via Skype.