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For a succesful voiceover your script should be timed to the pictures. Spanish usually is 10% longer than English, so your translation might be trimmed to have roughly the same word count as the source text. If that is not the case, I can intervene as a professional editor and adapt your text to fit the video sequences. You will have a smooth natural presentation. Needless to say you will have a localized Spanish version respecting the original content.

I translate your scripts into universal Spanish if the source language is either English or French, Dutch or German. I apply a competitive fee and with one advantage: if the script is to be used in a video, I can adapt the translation so that they can follow the pictures and the lines correspond to what we see in your video. Quality-wise you have the guarantee of having a true Spanish version from a journalist that has worked with all those language combinations for over 25 years.
At my studio, I can edit and post-produce any audio or video, using ProTools HD, Sound Forge and Final Cut. I just need to know the specifications of your project, like sample rate and resolution for audio files and your preferred export format for your video.
TV production is my core profession. I have worked for international channels providing stories in Spanish and English with on-camera presentation, including live stand-ups. I can research, write, edit and create entire news and feature stories ready to air in both Spanish and English.
I have coached executives and members of international organizations on how to address journalists questions. With a dynamic TV crew, I apply a hands-on approach by filming participants under simulated stressed situations, the so-called hostile interviews. I conduct training sessions in Spanish, English or French.